Frequently Asked Questions

A broad range of digital marketing courses are available on this platform. Courses include introduction into digital marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing, Pay-per click, paid social media marketing, organic social media marketing, search engine optimisation, Google analytics, display network advertising, strategy, Google my business.

Online programs can meet the needs of many types of students from novice to experts. Some examples of students who might benefit from e-learning programs include the following:

  • On-campus students looking for scheduling flexibility
  • Off-campus students who do not live near our physical learning facility
  • Adult students with family and/or work obligations
  • Working professionals seeking to boost or change their careers

This training will be facilitated by trained professionals who have hands-on experience working in the field. Students will be required to go through the course and practical sessions in video format and then take an exam before a certificate of completion is offered by Wild Fusion Digital Centre.

Requirements for this course is targeted at people that are passionate and innovative about the ways of digital marketing. The trainings will give in-depth knowledge on the application of the avenues of digital marketing, empowering you to be innovative in your implementation in real life.

Choosing a course will be greatly dependent on what you want to achieve. Read the brief introduction about each course to get a tip of what the course entails and if it touches aspects of what you are looking for, it could be the right course for you.

Technology requirement for students taking these courses include: a device such as a laptop or a phone with internet connectivity functionality. The device also needs to be able to stream videos and download content such as the certificate of completion.

Yes, you will get a certification of completion for every course on this portal.